Save Your Rupees, a Legend of Zelda Escape Room is Happening

Save Your Rupees, a Legend of Zelda Escape Room is Happening

Legend of Zelda


After spending hundreds of hours hauling my favorite Hero of Time around Hyrule, I may soon have the chance to bring fantasy to reality. Nintendo confirmed on their Twitter today that SCRAP, the makers of Real Escape Games, is ready to turn you into Link himself to once more make sure Gannondorf gets his filthy ginger hands off the Triforce.

SCRAP, which has been the fine makers of “live escape entertainment since 2007”, will bring the legendary experience to fans everywhere starting in 2017. So far 8 cities will play host to the event, and I have no doubt that if it’s popular enough more cities will be added:

  • San Francisco – January 31st – February 5th
  • Los Angeles – February 10th – 12th
  • Phoenix – February 15th – 17th
  • San Diego – Feburary 24th – 25th
  • Seattle – TBA
  • Houston – TBA
  • Chicago – TBA
  • New York – TBA

Coming as a shock to absolutely no-one, both Los Angeles and San Diego sold out in hours, but SCRAP tweeted earlier that they are trying to work on opening more slots for gamers to join in on the action. Tickets come in their regular price as well as two limited edition packages, Silver and Gold, containing awesome Zelda-related goodies in them. Needless to say, when the other cities on the list are opened up to the public, those tickets will disappear faster than a Poe, so be ready to grab them while you can.

Stay with us for future details on when future dates open up, as we will be marking them in our calendar as the weeks go on.

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