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Gen Con 2017: James Sutter Fawns Over Paizo, Starfinder One Last Time




I’ve been working on getting this article up for a while now, as audio interviews can be tricky beasts. Needless to say when I read on the Paizo blog today that James Sutter was leaving the RPG giant, I was utterly sad. Taking the time out of his insane schedule at Gen Con to speak with me, I now feel this casual interview is even more special. Talking about the birth of Starfinder, how amazing the team at Paizo really is, and how space rats are undoubtedly the coolest race ever, I present to you one of the last times we’ll get to hear from James as a member of the Paizo collective. I apologize in advance for the Zelda rupee noises that pop up during the interview – texts were flying in and out of my phone like crazy that weekend.

I personally just want to thank James for being such a nice, chill dude, and for having an imagination that has affected so many people. As mentioned before, a blog post was put onto the Paizo website, announcing James’ exit from the company to pursue a bigger writing career. I can promise you that Fresh Mana is both horribly sad he’s leaving our RPG worlds, but super excited to see what new adventures lie ahead of him. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and his Facebook author page, and definitely show some love to Paizo on both Twitter and Facebook.

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