Critical Role Embarks On A Brand New Adventure With New Channel, New Content

Critical Role
Critical Role
Critical Role

The folks at Critical Role dropped some exciting news Monday morning in an announcement regarding the future of the show and hoo-BOY, are we excited! In a video to the fans, Marisha Ray, Matthew Mercer, and Travis Willingham announced the show is moving into their very own studio. The move is anticipated to give the team at Critical Role more freedom to bring new shows and content to the fans. Already on the way is Honey Heist 2 (Electric Beargaloo), the second installment to the epic Honey Heist game Marisha Ray DM’d during the show’s break last season, and Matthew’s Fireside Chat and NPC build.

Along with the new studio, comes new Twitch and YouTube channels as well! Although, for now, Geek & Sundry and Legendary Digital’s paid service, Project Alpha, will be the only place you can find VOD of Critical Role and the CR after show, Talks Machina, all new content will be broadcast on the new channels. All Critical Role episodes will be broadcast from the new studio, but continue to be streamed by G&S and Alpha with the new Critical Role channel hosting the episodes whenever possible. Also announced was a new online shop where all new Critical Role merchandise will be sold. Already available is the first Mighty Nein t-shirt designed by Critter, Bryan Weiss, in honor of the new campaign.

With this new independence, the cast of Critical Role will continue to make all creative and business decisions regarding their endeavors. Marisha Ray also announced she will be stepping down as creative director of Geek & Sundry to work full time on future Critical Role projects. Marisha Ray, Sam Riegel, Liam O’Brien, Brian W. Foster and Taliesin Jaffe spent some time Monday morning in the new CR Twitch chat answering questions from fans and asking them what they would like to see most on the new channel. Ray was unable to answer some of the programming questions as quite a few things are still in the early stages of development but the cast was met with lots of enthusiasm and suggestions. The team at Critical Role has always been incredibly active with their fanbase and will continue to consider suggestions from their Critter Community.

Critical Role and Talks Machina will not be broadcasting July 3rd and 5th while they make the big move to the new studio, but when they return, it will be from their shiny new digs. So, what kind of new content would YOU like to see in this new venture? To see the full announcement, check out the video below and don’t forget to follow their new Twitch channel (subscribe button is not available yet) and subscribe to their YouTube channel!


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